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Contract Coordination

Contract to Close

The details that get you to a smooth closing

The first step in the process is to ensure that the purchase and sale agreement, along with all the exhibits and addenda are compliant and legally binding.

We have a multi-step checklist and approval process that checks and double checks that everything is exactly as it needs to be and that all parties have a copy of the completed contract.

Another important aspect of a successful transaction is clear and open communication with the bank and/or lender who will be providing the financing.

As each party of the transaction works to fulfill their respective obligations agreed upon in the contract, we ensure the lender is kept up to date with pertinent information and in turn they keep us in the loop with any issues or complications on their end.

In our experience, when this critical communication line is not properly attended to the potential for unwanted surprises is exponentially higher. We want to ensure this does not happen to you.

We will help you choose the best closing attorney who will facilitate your transaction in a thorough and professional manner.

We work with the best attorneys in town and can help guide to choosing one that will fit your needs best. In Georgia, the closing attorney will usually do the title work for you as well. To ensure you get the best rates on your owner's title insurance policy and that you understand the coverage that it provides is important and we will connect you with the best  and most respected in the business.

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